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Events - NIS (NIIS) held 2013 results presentation for investors

Revenues from sales achieved growth primarily due to an increase in market share by 10 bp (from 68% to 78%) and growth in retail prices of petroleum products by 0.5% compared to 2012. Participation in retail increased from 37% to 42%, due to increased retail of NIS’s oil derivatives by 13% due to better quality of fuel (investment in oil refining for euro quality fuel). Daily turnover amounted to 5.2 tons per day, which is the lowest compared to peers in the region, but this is due to a subsidiary companies, which are yet at the beginning of operations in the international markets. In Serbia, the average daily turnover amounted to 5.6 tons per day in the 2013. In the observing period, the Serbian market was almost at the same level (3% growth, while retail rose 1%) compared to 2012.

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Minister to talk Belgrade-Thessaloniki canal in China

Serbian Minister of Mining Milan Bačević will visit China Jan. 21-27 to discuss the construction of a Belgrade-Thessaloniki canal with Chinese companies. During his stay in Beijing, Bačević will meet with Chinese officials and representatives of companies interested in cooperation or strategic partnership on the Belgrade-Thessaloniki navigable canal project, the ministry said in a release.

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